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About Us

Magazine Ministry

Magazine Ministry

"Jesus Redeems" Magazine Ministry was established by the Lord to light Jesus, the light of life, in homes filled with darkness. As determinedly led by the Lord, the Magazine Ministry commenced in the month of January 1980. Initially 300 Tamil magazines were printed and sent.


In Tamil alone 2,79,000 copies are being sent. Other than this,

English - 16,500 copies

Hindi - 8,600 copies

Kannada - 5,300 copies

Malayalam - 10,000 copies

Telugu - 2,000 copies

Totally in 6 languages and to nearly 50 Nations of the World including India, magazines are being sent.

The Lord graced us to release the magazines in a new colourful format from 2012 onwards. Through this Magazine Ministry lakhs and lakhs of people are being blessed from all over the world.

At the time of the commencing of the Magazine Ministry, the Lord assured "send the magazine, at free of cost, to whomever asks for it. Ill take care of the expenses". The Lord who assured is carrying it out till date.

We can never remain without thanking the Lord for Brother, who is a blessing to many lakhs through this magazine ministry,. He gets the matter every month for the magazine from the Lord, while on his knees, writes it out with his own handwriting and then brings it out in print.

You too can write to us and get the magazine(click here). Read and be blessed.


Pinmari Malar

This magazine is being sent to the 'Pinmari groups' who had guaranteed to pray from their places. Prayer points to be prayed for Nations, Missionaries, Churches are mentioned there in. You too can become a member of this prayer group.

Siruvar Jebamalar

Every month, "Siruvar Jebamalar", solely for little children is being published. This is being sent to all the children prayer groups. Presently 2200 magazines are being published.

Special Features:
Biblical incidents
Cartoon stories
Six differences, crossword puzzles, questions/answers
Golden quotes of Jesus
Prayer points to be prayed daily
Bible passages to be read daily
Youth World (Valibar Ulagam)
This is a sweet smelling bouquet exclusively brought out for youths. With the world in its pages, leading its readers to high roads, a noble presentation, "The Valibar Ulagam" aims
to mould National Leaders whom the Lord prefers,
present youths to win the world and satan,
to progress in their prayer life,
to get rooted in Christ,
to become worthy to enter Heaven.
Kindly uphold Bro. Mohanraj who shoulders this Magazine Ministry with his coworkers, in your daily prayers.
to mould National Leaders whom the Lord prefers,

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